Des Montagnes Berger Picards
Des Montagnes Berger Picards

Our Dogs are Part of Our Family

We live on a 35 acre horse farm in the mountains in SW Colorado.  Our dogs spend their time outside most of the day enjoying our  300 days of sunshine.  At night they join the family in the house.    Our dogs are all health tested with results published at .  In addition to attaining conformation titles we also enjoy a variety of performance events with our dogs.  They have their Farm Dog Certifications as well as their Herding Instinct Test.  We are currently working on Barn Hunt, Scent Work and Herding.  We believe that our dogs should be beautiful, enjoy activities for which they were bred and most importantly be a valued part of the family.


In addition to our Berger Picards we have two Giant Schnauzers,  Skansens Amazing Day (Maisy) and Ingebar's Gandolfini's Spirit (Tony) and six Danish Warmbloods.  We also have the occasional bear, mountain lion, bobcat, deer, elk, coyotes and skunks that appear from time to time.

 Get in touch with us at +1 970/7495540 +1 970/7495540. We look forward to talking to you.

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Des Montagnes Berger Picards

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March 26, 2019   Des Montagnes Berger Picards is thrilled to announce the birth of Ten beautiful puppies!! Proud Mama, GCH Mignonette de la Vie en Rose FDC IT and Proud Papa, CH Levon des Garous D'Ebenes are celebrating 5 fawn boys and 5 fawn girls! 

February 2019  We are proud to announce that Garçon is now officially CH Allstars Gregory Peck CM FDC IT !!  and that Mimi is officially GCH Mignonette de la Vie en Rose FDC IT  


As of August 2017, we are very proud to announce that Mimi is now officially CH Mignonette de la Vie en Rose HIT FDC   Show pictures to come...


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On August 28, 2016 we welcomed The "M" artist litter.  Allstars Gregory Peck CM HIT FDC (Garçon) is the proud father and Toucha Je T'Adore (Bisous) is the adoring mother.  This litter has 2 Fawn Girls, 2 Fawn Boys, 2 Brindle Girls and 1 Brindle Boy.  Check out our Puppies page for pictures and updates.  Share in the journey on our Blog page.

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